Китове за молекулярна диагностика

FusionQuant® Kits
Unique molecular kits providing standardization and accurate quantification of fusion gene transcripts in leukemia.

MutaScreen™ & MutaQuant™ Kits
JAK2 V617F mutation assays allow qualitative and quantitative detection of the JAK2 V617F mutation from genomic DNA isolated from peripheral blood.

ProfileQuant® Kits
Unique quantitative molecular kits aimed at standardizing, detecting and quantifying profile gene transcripts in human cells.

FusionQuant® Standards
Control and fusion gene standards for the quantification of individual fusion genes or control genes by RQ-PCR

MutaQuant™ Standards
MutaQuant™ Standards are available for specific detection of polymorphisms from both RNA and genomic DNA samples.

Control cell lines
Control cell lines are ideal tools for the control of total RNA extraction and transcription steps in the context of specific rearrangement detection by quantitative PCR.
One vial of control cell line should be processed in parallel with one batch of samples using the same reagents and protocols.