Спектофотометри, флуометри, pH метри

6315 UV/Visible Scanning Spectrophotometer

  • Spectrum scanning across the entire range from 198 to 1000nm
  • Pulsed xenon lamp
  • Quantitation using up to 6 standards

The 6315 is an advanced spectrophotometer with modes for photometrics, spectrum scanning, kinetics, concentration and quantitation. The 6315 will meet the demands of a wide range of applications especially those in clinical, veterinary, environmental, general QC and performance testing areas. With a memory capacity of 50 methods for each mode, the fully open operating system ensures compatibility with reagent kits from most manufacturers as well as enabling full customisation.

3505 Bench pH Meter

  • General purpose education laboratory pH meter
  • Intuitive operation via rotary controls
  • pH, temperature and mV mode for redox and electrode diagnosis
  • Calibration controls locked during measurement
  • Manual or automatic temperature compensation
  • Large display
  • Battery or mains operated

The 3505 is a simple to use laboratory pH, mV and temperature meter for use in general purpose and educational applications. It utilises rotary controls for mode selection and pH calibration. A novel design feature ensures that inadvertent movement of the calibration controls has no effect during sample measurement. The large display ensures that during demonstrations and when used by groups, all can easily see the clear LCD readout.

67 Series Visible and UV/Visible Scanning Spectrophotometers

  • Colour touch screen display
  • High quality, sealed split beam optics for optimum photometric performance
  • Secure multi-user operation
  • Save to SD/USB memory cards
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Extensive range of accessories for flexibility and improve productivity

All three instruments have modes for photometrics, spectrum scanning, multi-wavelength analysis, kinetics and quantitation, giving direct concentration results against single or multi-point calibrations. With extensive post measurement tools to ensure results are presented exactly to each users requirements the 67 series also offers significant advances in data portability.
Together, the touch screen and colour display give the fastest, most flexible instrument interface possible. Where fine cursor control is required, using the QWheel™ makes the task easy and precise.

350 Enterprise pH Meter

  • Simultaneous pH and temperature display
  • Storage of up to 32 results
  • Automatic or manual calibration 500 hours battery life
  • Application specific electrodes and consumables

The 350 is a general purpose portable pH meter offering 1 or 2 point pH calibration and automatic buffer recognition with manual override. It simultaneously displays both the temperature compensated pH readings and the manually set temperature.