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Innopsys offers the most complete family of fluorescence microarray scanners on the market

Whether your needs be a low-cost IVD fluorescence reader, a higher resolution infrared scanner for protein microarrays, or the highest-resolution fluorescence laser scanner on the market, Innopsys has the perfect solution for your research or diagnostic needs.

InnoScan 1100 AL

Combining ultra-high resolution and high-level automation, the InnoScan 1100 AL is perfect for fast, whole slide imaging. With three excitation wavelengths, it is ideal for reading cell microarrays as well as classic three-color microarrays.


InnoScan 300

Single-color, User-friendly, High Performance

Combining simplicity and sensitivity, the InnoScan 300 is perfect for fast and routine imaging of low density microarrays (spot size larger than 100µm). The InnoScan 300 is ready for CE-IVD certification and fully customizable making it the ideal tool for your diagnostic tests.


InnoScan 710

Reliability, Speed, Traceability

Characterised by its ease-of-use, speed and image quality, InnoScan 710 is the ideal tool for routine microarray reading.

InnoScan 710-IR

Perfectly suited for protein microarrays

Created especially for protein microarrays, the Innoscan 710-IR is capable of reading signals in the near Infrared spectrum. This allows a considerable reduction in the background noise caused by supports normally used in protein microarrays such as nitrocellulose or PVDF.



InnoScan 910

Performance, Resolution, Speed

With its new detection system, the InnoScan 910 has the highest resolution and reading speed on the market. This user-friendly, two-color scanner is the ideal tool for reading current and future high-density microarrays.




Speed, automation, performance

Save time and make analysis of your sample series more convenient: InnoScan 910, InnoScan 710-IR and InnoScan 710 scanners can be equipped with 24-slide loaders for high throughput applications.

Mapix-CS for BlueGnome Arrays

Simple, User-friendly, dedicated softwareMapix-CS Screen1

Mapix-CS is an image acquisition software developed in partnership with Bluegnome-Illumina and dedicated to scan only to their arrays (such as the 24-Sure and CytoChip arrays).

Mapix-CS detects the slide format, either 24-sure or CytoChip, by the barcode and automatically sets the scanning parameters that should be used for each format.

It is fast and easy as the user just needs to insert the slide, click scan and export the tiff image to BlueFuse Multi software from Illumina.

Mapix-CS is a simple and free software compatible with all INNOPSYS InnoScan microarray scanners (except InnoScan 1100AL and InnoScan 710-IR), ClearScan and ClearScan Autoloader scanners.



Simple, User-friendly, High performance

Mapix is a data acquisition and analysis software for microarray images which combines ease-of-use, user-friendliness and high performance. Mapix has the most up to date requirements to browse data from microarray experiments quickly with a high level of reliability and optimised productivity. Mapix is available for 32 and 64 bit operating systems (Windows, Linux and soon MacOS).