Gynemed- немска сигурност при асистираната репродукция








Gynemed е водещ немски производител в сферата на продуктите за асистирирана репродукция и гинекологична хирургия.

Продуктвата линия GM501 Меdia Line обхваща кулкурални среди, среди за обработка на сперма, среди за криосъхранение и ин витро диагностика, ензими, реактиви за потготовка и др.


washGM501 Wash is ready-to-use media designed for washing procedures of human oocytes and embryos and any short-term handling procedures outside the incubator like washing after Hyaluronidase treatment (denudation), ICSI, polar body or blastomere biopsy and others.























basicGM501 Basic with Gentamicin is a bicarbonate buffered cell culture medium, designed for fertilisation and for all embryo culture from day 1 to blastocyst stage. It can also be used for embryo transfer.

Addition of human albumin solution (1 %) by the customer is required for optimal culture conditions.




















basic+gent+fenredGM501 Cult with Gentamicin and Phenolred is ready-to-use bicarbonate-buffered culture media, designed for fertilisation and for human embryo culture from day 1 to blastocyst stage. It can also be used for embryo transfer.
















dbbefd409eGM501 SpermAir











spermactiveGM501 SpermActive is a ready-to- use medium designed for all human sperm preparation, sperm washing and swim up techniques like density-gradient centrifugation as well as for testicular tissue.

















gradientGM501 Gradient 100 % consists of silane-coated colloidal silica particles suspended in HEPES-buffered medium. GM501 Gradient 100 % can be used in combination with IUI, IVF and ICSI.


















5566cd7ff8GM501 EmbryoStore is a set of ready-to-use media for freezing and thawing human embryos between 2PN and 4 cell stage.















a22f33b96fGM501 SpermStore is a medium for freezing human sperm including epididymal or testicular sperm.





















68a1852b29cf0218aa40GM501 VitriStore Freeze/VitriStore Thaw are a set of ready-to-use media for vitrification and thawing of human embryos.











8ff65613ebGM501 SpermMobil is a HEPES-buffered reagent containing low bicarbonate. It is used for in-vitro examination of sperms of necrozoospermic ejaculates as well as of immotile sperms isolated from testicular tissue (TESE).


















2ffcc040a9GM508 Cult-Active is a bicarbonate-buffer­ed reagent designed to investigate oocytes of patients with failed fertilization after previous Intracytoplasmatic Sperm Injection cycles.
GM508 Cult-Active is designed to investigate if fertilization failure after previous ICSI-cycles is due to a deficient oocyte activation.