17 December 2009 – The President of Bulgaria gave his thanks to Dr. Zamfirov for the well done job

The President of Bulgaria – Mr. Georgi Parvanov and his wife The first lady Mrs. Zorka Parvanova visited the National Genetic Laboratory – Sofia, University Obstetric and Gynecology Hospital „Maichin dom“ to see the new and last modern laboratory tandem mas spectrometry system dedicated for neonatal screening, delivered and installed from ELTA 90 and Waters specialists.
The instalation and the first run of the system is already a fact thanks to a President initiative called „Bulgarian Xmas“. The company ELTA 90, except of done dedicated work every day for more than a month period efforts to run the tests, but also support the cause with a donation of more than 8 000 Euro to the hospital with additional common laboratory equipment, so the process to be supported in full. The donation was accepted with thanks from the Director of the Hospital – Professor Zlatkov who also participated in the opening ceremony.
Follows is some of the statements during the event:

The President Georgi Parvanov said:
„“All of us can be satisfied, because we see a long term expected last generation system. The idea of the last year initiative „Bulgarian Xmas“ was to accent of the donation in the direction of earlyear diagnosis. I hope that the economical crisis will not be a crisis of the solidarity, and all together will participate in the initiative. I’m sympathize with the people and current situation of the business, who cuts down the manufacturing, to the families who compel to economize a lot, but even that we are not able to jump over with some years the concern to the children in need“ -appeals the head of states.

The chief of the National Genetic Laboratory said:
Starting of 2010 we hope to examen with this new maschine every new born child. With the system we will have possibilities to determine with high precision more than 20 methobolitic disorders. The result is coming up just in a couple of minutes and the capability is more than 400 results per day.

The director of ELTA 90 company remarked:
ACQUITY TQD is the best solution for neonatal screening of the new born children of each country. The analysis defines aminoacids and acilcarnitines in the blood of newborn, and demonstrate the present or not for more than 20 inborn diseases. As an official representative of Waters Corporation in Bulgaria, our company supports all the process for instalation, put into an operation of this new system and in this way, we set the new begining in the high speed scaning of samples for disagnosis of methabolic disordes .
The Mass TQD achievs maximum value of the selectivity, sensitivity and the linearity of the analysis. It’s give the opportunity for speedy, easy and precision in the qualitative determination and confirmation of traces in the components in the complex matrix with unmistakableness accuracy.
The new TQ detector is a tandem mass- detector, desighned on the same platform as the single quadropol mas detector. The adding of colison cell and second quadropol mass-analyser allows better sensitivity in determination with the most complex matrixes.
ACQUITY TQD is a compact, with small foot print sizes tandem-mass quadropol detector, compatible with both HPLC or UPLC-systems.
Multifunctional, easy for operation TQD is the world wide leader among the competitors in its class with remarkable speed of scaning about 10,000 Da/sec.
Having the new Z-spay double ortogonal source of ionisation, digital direct monitoring of the pressure of the colision gas, T-wave colison cell with software control of the stream of the gase for high speed MS/MS analyse assure uncompromising quality and precision of the results. The system works in two ionisation directions, supporting APCI and APPI data in one run.
The automatic calibration of mass, automatic optimisation of the parameters of the API-source, integration mixing of the solvents and possibilities to work with non volatility buffers, makes the operation user friendly.
The time for changing of the polarity is about 20 milisecond, assuring possibilities for analyses of many analytes in one complex matrix, as well analyses of positive and negative ionizying analytes in one and same cycle of analyses. Identify up to 3 confirmatory doughter ions for each compound.

ELTA 90 M company is very proud to be a partner of the initiative „Bulgarian Xmas“. As an official distributor of the Waters Corporation in Bulgaria, we share all responsibilities and concerns for such a National accountable activity as the neonatal screening in our motherland. The fact, that the Natinal Genetic Laboratory own such a up to date equipment in world wide class of quality, puts Bulgaria in the Nations subordinates the high technologies into the concern of the health care of our children.

ELTA 90 M will remain engaged with the work and quality assurance of the tests results. Together with our supplyers we are going to run also the derevatisation kits begining of 2010. Waters is the company which first introduce and gaves the first impact of using mas spectrometry in newborn screening for congenital methabolic disorders and have the expertise to care for the system and the news in the field. The just installed system has capacity to run over 400 tests per day and in that way can be used to screen all newborn infants in our country.
Here installed system ensure a new and better health care and one more time approves that ELTA 90 is responsible, social oriented firm, which is engaged with the directions of modern and better diagnostic precedures in different fields, responding to the needs in every important moment.