Mini SPY RF Green “Eco-friendly” Wireless Temperature Recorder

Ideal for cold chain monitoring of thermosensitive products , MiniSPY RF Green is fully recyclable and takes into account many ecological criteria such as natural resources preservation, limiting gas emissions, reducing waste … Robust and washable, this wireless recorder resists to vibration and shocks during transport. Mini SPY RF Green has all the
advantages of a wireless temperature recorder: it communicates throughlong-range radio frequency (50 to 60 meters), it is remotely configurable and data are automaticaly collected.

Technical Characteristics
Designation Mini SPY RF Green
Mesaurement range from -40 to +85°CM
Measurement accuracy ±0.4°C from -20 to +30°C, ±0.5°C from -40 to -20°C and from
+30 to +80°C, ±0.7°C above +80°C
Type of input internal PTC
Power supply Lithium battery (replaceable by the user)
Battery life time 2 years
Acquisition 1 s to 90 mn
Radio range and radio band 58 m – 868Mhz
Memory 10 000 measurement +1Ko
Alarm visual
Dimensions 85x55x18 mm
Protection index IP68
Conformities EN 12830, ROHS, CE
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