At ADInstruments we create simple, flexible tools to help scientists and educators record and analyze data quickly and efficiently.

Powerful, flexible and accurate, our products are cited in more than 30,000 research papers in peer-reviewed journals and our equipment is the preferred choice for thousands of scientists and educators around the world.

We pride ourselves on supporting the scientific community with user-friendly software, specialised training options and solution-focused systems of the highest quality, giving them confidence in their data and in the power of their work


Our customizable education systems provide all the experiments, hardware, software, and lessons you need to teach and create a stimulating learning environment that guides your students to connect theory and practice.

Lt LabStation is a lab-based learning platform that allows you to run labs without headaches.

Lt Sensors – a cost effective way for your students to quickly and easily record biosignals directly in Lt via USB.

Engage students in active learning

The countdown is on for Lt Sensors – our soon to be released, cost effective solution for recording physiological signals directly in Lt via USB. Students will be able to use these biosignal sensors for ECG/EKG, EEG, EMG, and EOG recording and analysis.

Lt is our versatile online learning platform that can be used across a variety of learning environments depending on your needs. Lt and our biosignal sensors combine to create the perfect remote lab kit.

It offers a fully customizable in-lab solution, incorporating hands-on, real-life data collection – or it can be the perfect tool for distance-learning with built-in example data for online labs.