SFC 80/200/350 Preparative Systems

Waters’ suite of bulk-scale supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC) purification systems offers the optimal system for the amount of sample you need to purify. These systems easily allow you to purify a large amount of one sample. When faster and more cost-effective means sustainable business operations, SFC is the purification technique that makes the difference.

Preparative-scale SFC 80, 200, and 350 systems are automated systems that features co-solvent gradient, high pressure separators for quantitative recovery of purified

products, such as enantiomers, complex synthetic chemicals and natural products. They are designed for chiral and achiral separations.


  • High pressure CO2 pump
  • High pressure co-solvent pump
  • Injection module
  • UV-Vis detector
  • Fraction collection module
  • Automated Back Pressure Regulator (ABPR)
  • SuperChrom software

SFC 80 SFC 200 SFC 350
Optimal column I.D. 19 mm 30 mm 50 mm
Recommended total flow rate* 80 g/min 150 g/min 300 g/min
Typical throughput** Up to 15 g/day Up to 40 g/day Up to 100 g/day
Fractions 6 + 1 waste 5 + 1 waste 5 + 1 waste

*Under general operating conditions 1 g/min of CO2 is approximately equivalent to 1 mL/min

**Based on an 8 hour day