SFC PetroAnalyzer for ASTM Methods D5186 and D6550

The SFC PetroAnalyzer is specifically optimized for ASTM D5186, the method that measures the total aromatic and PNA content in diesel and jet fuel, and D6550, the method that measures the total olefin content in gasoline. The system employs CO2 as a mobile phase and an FID for detection. The performance of the system meets or exceeds ASTM method specifications and is optimized specifically for these two methods. The system hardware and software flexibility allows use for other demanding separation needs. The user can setup analysis of multiple samples in automated mode using the autosampler and report printing features. The column switching valve allows seamless switching between ASTM 5186 and 6550 methods. The SFC PetroAnalyzer was designed for the petroleum industry, such as refineries for gasoline, diesel, and jet fuels.

SFC PetroAnalyzer features:

  • Robust equipment design
  • Meets or exceeds the performance standards
  • Two applications with one instrument
  • Autosampler for multiple sample analysis
  • Unattended operation
  • Easy to use software with user and data security
  • Designed to work in any environmental, humidity, or corrosive conditions