SuperParticle RESS Systems

Rapid Expansion of Supercritical Solutions (RESS)

SuperParticle RESS Systems are versatile, skid-mounted, PC-controlled systems capable of producing micron-size powders of thermally labile materials. The RESS process incorporates carbon dioxide as a solvent, which reduces processing costs, is non-toxic, and leaves no residue.

Non–polar materials can be dissolved in supercritical carbon dioxide and sprayed, as in spray drying. This technique is called RESS. RESS Systems allow researchers to mix carbon dioxide with their samples in a high-pressure, agitated vessel. This allows non-polar compounds to be sprayed through a nozzle from a supercritical solution. By manipulating the pressure, temperature and concentration, the user can manipulate powder sizes.This non-polar misture is then sprayed through a heated sapphire nozzle assembly.


RESS Systems are appropriate for pharmaceutical applications, including:

  • Ashma medicine
  • Steroids
  • Controlled release drugs
  • Contiguous coatings
  • Sub-micrometer particles
  • Thin films
  • Fine polymer fibers
  • Microparticle coatings