RapID ™ systems are a complete line of cost-effective manual identification panels for a broad spectrum of microorganisms. RapID™ panels offer easy, one-step, simultaneous inoculation of dehydrated reactants in tray wells to identify anaerobes, coryneform gram-positive bacilli, enterics, nonfermenters, streptococci, and yeast all within 4 hours. Systems are ideal for manual testing or as confirmation for automated test systems.

  • Rapid, accurate identification of over 400 medically important organisms
  • Simple, one-step inoculation
  • 4-hour aerobic incubation
  • Easy-to-read color reactions
  • Extensive support with ERIC® electronic compendium

The Streptex® product line by Remel is recognized as the gold standard for Strep Grouping. This rapid latex agglutination test provides a complete solution for the isolation and differentiation of various groups of streptococci and Strep-like organisms.

  • Identification of Lancefield groups A, B, C, D, F & G
  • Distinct, clear results with white latex agglutination on black slide
  • Rapid results > 99% agreement
  • Enzyme and acid extraction options
  • Individual latex grouping reagents available

The Remel line of Wellcolex® rapid latex agglutination test kits is designed for rapid and accurate identification of enteric bacteria such as Salmonella, Shigella and E.coli. With its high positive and negative predictive values, Wellcolex tests can save up to 2 days testing time over traditional screening procedures and it’s easy-to-use, cost effective methodology will meet your laboratory’s needs.

  • Identifies major groups of salmonella and shigella
  • Advanced color technology
  • Unique color latex agglutination for clear, easy-to-read species and/or serogroup identification
  • Positive predictive value > 98.7% for accurate, reliable results
  • Results in less than three minutes for rapid diagnosis
  • Primary culture screening to quickly eliminate negative samples