NIKON Instruments Europe meeting- Papendal 7- Evolution

In the period 01-04.09 held a traditional meeting NIKON Europe in the Olympic complex and Congress Papendal, Netherlands. Once again, his hand shook innovative ideas and design decisions arising from the different necessities of consumers. For the year representatives of the company ELTA
90 attended the meeting as an official representative for Bulgaria. The event is focused on several points:

1. The new product line – Ci-Ni

2. New solutions for lenses.

3. Improved and updated software.

4. Challenges and advances in confocal microscopy.

5. New digital solutions makronablyudenie.

Ci-Ni series microscopes are evolutionary descendants of models 50i/55i, 80i and 90i

Ci series of clinical and laboratory microscopes is represented by three basic models-Ci-E motorized mikoskop with Eco LED lighting. The microscope has the following important features: buttons for motorized lens, motorized swing out condenser, a button to instantly capture an image, automatic storage and retrieval of light intensity, remote keyboard control of optics, fly-eye optics and others.

Here are some pictures characterizing the perfect quality of Ci series.

Research microscopes series Ni are the next step in the evolution of NIKON microscope.

One of the most important characteristics of the Ni series is ABS-Application Building System-this is incredible flexibility of these systems to meet user needs. -Ruysen-design is innovative and emphasized clean lines, the work of leading European professionals in industrial design. Ni microscope is more comfortable and ergonomic. Added new features such as rippling status, peripheral angle (for better comfort at work) buttons for instant recording of images, a button for opening / closing the shutter for fluorescence microscopy, buttons for various modes of operation, motorization of the subject (new model improved ceramic) table, automotive filters, automotive, etc. of lenses. The microscope can be associated with a new control unit DS-L3, which does not require PC connectivity and control the camera and microscope. This control unit is equipped with a renewed version of software that simultaneously meets the requirements for professional research and at the same time intuitive and easy to use.

The concept and technical solutions have led to improved efficiency, faster fluorescent experiments, 2.5 x faster movement of drum filters, better design for improved working comfort.

In terms of its software products NIKON traditional displays updated and functional development. The new version of NIS Elements 4.0 has over 100 new additions!! Most updates are aimed at top research studies by the conventional confocal microscopy multifotonna microscopy superezolyutivna microscopy and others.

In the area of ​​the highest achievements of microscopy – confocal microscopy – NIKON Instruments is a leader.

Evolution in these models is clear microscopes scanning heads
Controllers (more choice and more flexibility), faster scanning, more types of detectors, more sensitive detectors than previous. A new family of NIKON GaAsP detector is – highly sensitive and precise. To close the cycle of the necessary components for NIKON offers new anti-vibration tables and incubator units, isolating the interference of the surrounding environment factors and intervention on the observed object. Used are also new units and laser modules from Agilent.

In the field of lens NIKON has launched a new series – CFI Plan Apochromat Lambda – a revolutionary Nano Crystal coating with ultra-low refractive index.

Also recently been on the market and innovative lens specialized microscope electrophysiology FN1-CFI Apo LWD 25X wide-FOV, numerical aperture of 1.1 mm, adjustment ring, NanoCrystal technology chromatic correction.

In the end, but not least, you present your new first assistant in the macroscopic observation: Shuttle Px

It has built-in LED lighting, 20 x Optical Zoom, 2.7 inch LCD display, able to work with computer software, compact, lightweight body, an increase of up to 20x without changing 400h Objectivist, motorized bench specialized software similar to software CoolPix digital cameras of NIKON. May his work separate from the bench, charged battery. This new tool is widely used in fields such as pathology, clinical medicine, anatomy, botany, criminology, Oceanology, veterinary medicine, archeology and many other branches of biological science.

For more information on new models of microscopes, cameras, controllers, etc. please contact us at the coordinates.