About Us

ELTA 90 company is one of the leading supplier of scientific and diagnostics products in Bulgarian Life Science and Diagnostic market in field of:

  • Human and Veterinary Medicine
  • Laboratories of Quality Control
  • Chemical labs
  • Biotechnology labs
  • Molecular and Cell biology
  • Pharmaceutical industry – QC labs
  • Food and Diary Industry
  • Hygenic and Veterinary labs
  • Education Laboratories in Universities, Colleges etc.

ELTA 90 company represents on exclusive basis a number of worldwide famous companies. Advice and help in complete projects for new labs according to the standards. ISO 9001:2008 certified company and soon we will obtain also ISO 13485.

Supplies laboratory equipment, apparatuses, reagents, kits and consumables providing total working solution to its customers. The company is licensed to trade with IVD products according to 98/79/EC directive, license to trade with Veterinary medical devices for diagnostic purposes.

In the company works high motivated employes with high degree education – Medical doctors, PhD, biotechnologysts, molecular biologysts, engineers etc.

Our customers are Ministries, Institutes, Universities, Clinics, Hospitals, Private labs and others.