Synergy LXMulti-Mode Reader

Synergy LXMulti-Mode Reader

BioSpa Live Cell Imaging System

BioSpa Live Cell Imaging System

Cytation 1 Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Reader

Cytation 1 Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Reader

The next era in sequencing starts now

NovaSeq Series

Next Seq 500- The Flefible Power

Next Seq 500 Sequencing System

Liofilchem Italy

Ready for use culture media, MIC Test strips and Systems for ID and AST

Morte information

MiniSeq- Illumina power, ease of use, and peace of mind

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Illumina Miseq

Illumina MiSeq Personal Sequencing System

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Laboratory Equipment

Laboratory equipment

ELTA 90 prepares complete projects for laboratory equipping of new and existing laboratories according to the European standards for GLP and GMP. HPLC and LC analytical instruments.

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Laboratory consumable

ide range of pure reagents and chemicals together with sertificate of analyses, purified for application in different fields as: PCR, HPLC, GAS/;MASS spectroscopy, TLC, CELL CULTURE, CLINICAL LAB etc.

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Diagnostic Kits

Diagnostic kits

Diagnostic ELISA kits for infectious diseases in this number for HIV, Hepatitis, for autoiimunity, HLA, FISH etc. as well cell culture reagents, media and sera.

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