QuantumSi- Unlock the Power of Next-Generation Protein Sequencing

New proteomic discoveries are now possible without the need for complex workflows and bioinformatics expertise. Confidently correlate biological function with changes in protein sequence and modifications.

See Beyond the Genome with Quantum-Si

While next-generation DNA sequencing greatly advanced our understanding of biology and what genes could influence biological function, protein sequencing is necessary to capture what is actually happening in the body now

With the Platinum™ single-molecule protein sequencing platform, you can obtain this critical information quickly, efficiently, and from the convenience of your own lab. With Platinum, protein sequencing is:

Convenient—the benchtop instrument and collaboration-friendly cloud-based analysis software easily fit into everyone’s lab and research projects.

Accessible—with simple, straightforward workflows and automated cloud-based analysis software, any lab can generate protein sequencing data.

Insight-generating—single amino acid variations can be detected directly by sequencing without the need to acquire or generate highly specific affinity reagents directed against these variants and modifications.

How It Works


Proteins are digested with a protease and individual peptides are immobilized into wells on our semiconductor chip followed by the addition of fluorescently-labeled N-terminal amino acid (NAA) recognizers and aminopeptidases.


Recognizers bind NAAs of the immobilized peptides and the fluorescence signal from these binding events is recorded by the chip. The fluorescence signal, including fluorescence lifetime and intensity, is unique for each recognizer. Repeated binding events result in the collection of high-precision kinetic data that can discriminate single amino acids and permit a single recognizer to accurately detect more than one type of NAA. The aminopeptidases sequentially cleave one NAA at a time from the peptides over the duration of the sequencing run, exposing the next amino acid for recognition in a process that continues until the entire peptide is sequenced.


Data is processed in our automated, cloud-based system. Protein sequencing data can be interpreted instantly without the need for bioinformatics expertise.

How Quantum-Si’s Technology Differs from Edman Degradation

Quantum-Si’s single-molecule protein sequencing technology sequences with single amino acid resolution in a real-time assay that does not require complex and expensive cyclical chemistry and fluidics.

With our technology, you benefit from:

Deeper proteomic discoveriesEasy protein sequencing workflowAffordable proteomic solutions

How Quantum-Si’s Technology Differs from Mass Spectrometry

Quantum-Si’s Platinum is designed to fit the space, budget, and existing expertise of most labs interested in generating insights from proteomics data.

Our technology uses unique kinetic binding signatures to identify proteins and detect PTMs, unlike mass spectrometry which is limited by mass:charge ratios and cannot distinguish protein variants with the same mass or PTMs.

Single-molecule sequencing from Quantum-Si offers you an affordable proteomics workflow that is easy to implement and delivers answers quickly without the need for extensive infrastructure or bioinformatics expertise.

How Quantum-Si’s Technology Differs from Immunoassays

Next Generation Protein Sequencing provides deeper insights with single-molecule resolution that, unlike immunoassays, enable assessment of what is actually happening at the amino acid level. Other benefits of Quantum-Si’s Platinum technology:

No need for difficult-to-find specific antibodiesDirect detection method uncovers what is there, not just what
could be thereNo requirement for specialized target panels or additional NGS or
PCR instrumentation to identify unique proteinsEnables interrogation of protein variants and rare events that may not be resolved by antibodies

Have you ever wondered what that smudge is on your Western blot?

With Quantum-Si’s Platinum, go from smudge to sequence and complement your immunoassays with sequence data! Platinum provides a simple, convenient solution to enable you to:

Sequence and identify proteins recognized by your antibody to verify specificityAssay what other proteins or degradation products are present in your gel or immunoprecipitation sample

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