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apex-6000-rendering-left-web-graphicThe NovaSeq Series of Sequencing Systems unleashes groundbreaking innovations that leverage our proven technology. Now you can get scalable throughput and flexibility for virtually any sequencing method, genome, and scale of project.

Scalable Throughput

To meet different user needs, the NovaSeq Series is offered in 2 configurations. The NovaSeq 5000 System offers cost-effective high-throughput sequencing across a broad range of applications. The NovaSeq 6000 System delivers those applications with unprecedented throughput at the lowest cost per sample. No matter which system you choose, you’ll have throughput that matches your science.

Highly Flexible

The NovaSeq Series provides tremendous scalability and flexibility to accommodate diverse applications and project sizes, while achieving maximum operational efficiency. Users can run 1 or 2 flow cells at a time and choose between 4 flow cell types, easily adjusting output for each sequencing run. With highly tunable data output you can run virtually any genome, sequencing method, and scale of project.

Broad Range of Applications

The NovaSeq Series is compatible with a broad range of Illumina library preparation kits, from transcriptome sequencing to whole-genome sequencing and everything in between. High-quality, high-coverage sequencing offers a comprehensive view of the genome to detect variants accurately, characterize isoforms, and more. With increased throughput and reduced price per sample, the NovaSeq Series is ideal for data-intensive applications.

Streamlined Operation

The NovaSeq Series combines the features that make our benchtop sequencers so easy to use with the power of a high-throughput sequencing platform. It offers fully automated, onboard cluster generation to minimize hands-on time. Integrated, ready-to-use reagent cartridges streamline run setup and prevent improper loading. RFID encoded consumables enable fully automated reagent traceability. In all, it takes only minutes to set up a run on the NovaSeq 5000 System or NovaSeq 6000 System, giving you increased lab efficiency.