11 August 2011 – Presenation about NG Sequincing in Cantacuzino Institute, Bucharest Romania


About Cantacuzino Institute

This institute was created in 1921 and joined the Institut Pasteur International Network in 1991. It operates directly under the authority of the Romanian Ministry of Health. Some of the main tasks of the Institute are in field of research, public health and production of vaccines, sera and diagnostic tools. Fields of interests are: RESEARCH- Pathogenecity of enterobacteria; – Antibiotic resistance; – Nosocomial infections; Molecular epidemiology of enteroviruses and enterobacteria; – Epidemiology of viral hepatitis; – Poliomyelitis; – Infections by the West Nile virus; – Transgenic mice etc. Public health: – National Reference Centres for flu, poliomyelitis, measles and rubella; – WHO Collaborating Centre for flu; etc

The Presentation will held on 11- of August 2011г- in the seminar hall with specialists of  ELTA 90 with topics in Metagenomics, Basic principals of Illumina NG Sequincing, Tru Seq by synthesis, Nextera library prep technique. De-Novo sequincing of bacteria and viruses. Will be represent the new Illumina solution in personal sequincing MiSeq, as well the most known system Genome Analyser IIx.

In case you interest to participate, do not hesitate to contact us. – Official language – English.


About ELTA 90:


The company has its primary activities in Romania and Bulgaria. Its an international team of specialists and sholder to sholder Bulgarian and Romanian collegues works as an international family of specialists with aim to offer the best service to its customers in field of Diagnostics and Life Science.