ELTA 90 installed Hi Tech micromanipulation system. Reportage of ITV British Television

Company ELTA 90 installed the micromanipulation system of Research Instruments UK. On this system can be performed the micromanipulation techniques of so called In Vitro Fertilization – ICSI /Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection/.
The system from Research Instruments is used in the most advanced laboratories in the world. The first system from this class in our country starts to work in clinic „Malinov“ in the laboratory IVF with head of the team – Dr. Stamenov. In the time of installation participated not only the team of embryologists of the clinic, but also film crew from ITV – British television. The report is expected to be broadcast in the mid of the September on the ITV – www.itv.com. Anounce have a look here: http://www.itvregions.com/Westcountry/Programmes – „EAST MEETS WESTCOUNTRY“. ELTA 90 will have a video tape from the transmision and hope to have the possibilities to include in our web site, as we already get measurements to upgrade and improve our home page with this option. To Dr. Stamenov and his team, as well to all IVF clinics in the country we wish many new born and plenty of happy bulgarian families.