Bulgarian-Swiss project for „Fights against Tuberkulosis“ and instalation of ELISA apparatuses in RIOKOZ – Russe, Pazardjik and Blagoevgrad

Our company ELTA 90, was selected after a tender, to deliver and install 8th new Biology Safety Cabinets Class II for work in microbiology laboratories belongs to Lung Diseases Hospitals in 8th big cities in Bulgaria connected to diagnosis and treatment of Tuberkulosis /Pleven, Gabrovo, Russe, Varna, Bourgas, Plovdiv, Kiustendil and Sofia/.

To execute our aim about the delivery and instalations of the Laminar benches, we had to take into account that we need more extended persons and equipment to finish our job: as a drivers, trucks, handling workers, enginears etc., because of the following facts

  • The weight of each box is more than 300kg
  • The height together with the base assamble is more than 2 metters and 15 santimeters
  • The route includes the cities – Pleven, Gabrovo, Russe, Varna, Bourgas, Plovdiv, Kiustendil and Sofia which in total is more than 2000 kilometers
  • Using of TIR truck and smallest truck which was dedicated to drive inside the tawns to the addresses of the hospitals

After puting of the Laminar Flow Benches class II, second ELTA 90’s team travel around the same laboratories three days after to teach the laboratory specialist with the characteristics of the apparatuses and how to work safetly and long term free of trubles. The laboratory specialists evaluate positively the new eqiupment from us in their labs and start to use them routinelly. For the goals of the National program for prevention of HIV/AIDS – Ministry Of Health – World Bank founds, ELTA 90 delivers the last generation ELISA system from the American manufacturer Bio Tek Instruments, leading in the field – ELISA microplate reader ELx 800, automatic microplate washer ELx50, incubators and printers in RIOKOZ – RUSSE, PAZARDJIK and BLAGOEVGRAD. In the bellow picture employers of ELTA 90 in front of the laboratory center in Russe clouse to river Dunav in nord east of Bulgaria. Our specialist in ELISA equipment with expirience for more than 2 years in Canada- Ms. Margarita Apostolova, install and teach the specialists to work with our ELISA systems and also makes some tests.