New sterilizers in University Hospital in Plovdiv

ЕЛТА 90 was selected to supply 4 brand new sterilizers from the last generation sterilizers, incubators and ovens produced by the Bavarian manufacturer, worldwide leader in thermostatic technology in the world – Memmert – Germany.
The University hospital „st. Georgi“ in city Plovdiv is the first hospital in Bulgaria, where is installed the new models of sterilizing equipment of Memmert – models 2005 in the four of the surgical departments in the hospital. In the picture bellow is our service technissian with the Head Nurse of the hospital in front of one of the apparatuses. The new controlers and probes of the equipment allows better temperature stability of the set up by the operator temperature level, as well option to print out the sterilizing protocol meets GLP and GMP standards.
The employers of ELTA 90 take cares the instalation of ordered sterilizers to be done on time, as well the education of the operators to work with the new equipment. To the surgical teams in the hospital, we wish trouble free working for better sterilization and to the patients quick post-surgical rehabilitation.