10 November 2009 – ELTA 90 and NOVARTIS Diagnostics – parters for Bulgaria

With a few initiative and steps, ELTA 90 meet the specialists in Bulgaria with the products of the world wide leader in field of molecular diagnostics for blood born viruses HIV and Hepatitis B and C – Novartis Diagnostics. In front of the top specialists in blood bank transfusion center in Sofia , the specialists of ELTA 90 present the automatic system Tigris and Ultrio tests in help of the safety of the blood donation.

The system based its principal of work in so called RNA amplification technic – TMA. In contrast of the DNA amplification known also as a PCR, in RNA – TMA /Transcriped Mediated Amplification/ is achievd record sensitivity of the tests and detection of RNA viruses. Except of that the benefits of this technique can be described as follows:

  • Automation of the process – all steps in one and same platform – DNA /RNA isolation, amplification, hybridisation and detection throe hemiluminiscense.
  • Avoids the need to have three rooms as it is reuiried in PCR technology – The RNA contamination is not an issue.
  • The authomatic maschine is dedicated for routine clinical work – robost and not need of a specialised persons.
  • The equipment can work with all known standard tubes and do not requests a special PCR consumables as this is need in Real Time PCR
  • save time in appiarce of the results – in screening mode – more than 1000 results in 14 hours.

The second initiative was to participate as a main sponsor in National Conference of transfusion medicine in city Hysar from 6 to 8 of November 2009

The aim was to represent the products with a presentation during the scientific program of the conference in an extended type of specialists in the field.