Prep 100 SFC MS Directed System

Purification scientists around the globe are excited by the latest advancements in supercritical fluid chromatography, or SFC, that are now backed by the powerful support of Waters. Since SFC uses CO2 as its main solvent, it is a critically important solution for purification laboratories that want to be more green. And SFC means much less time and money spent on both. Which is good for science, and good for the world we live in.

Offering seamless, mass-triggered purification, the Prep 100 SFC MS Directed System is the automated way to improve laboratory efficiency and turn-around times by virtually eliminating solvent disposal and clean-up.

The Prep 100 SFC MS Directed System utilizes high pressure CO2 as the primary mobile phase resulting in faster equilibration, lower pressure drops, solvent reduction and lower cost per sample. The process is gentle on the stationary phase, reproducible, and applicable to a wide range of compounds. The system can also be configured for UV-directed purification.


  • Faster turnaround times
  • Acetonitrile-free chromatography
  • Uses MS or UV to trigger fraction collection
  • Scalable from analytical to preparative
  • New patent-pending flow splitter and gas/liquid separator
  • Automated sample handling and column switching
  • MassLynx Software and FractionLynx Application Manager combined with the power of AutoPurify further streamlines the isolation and purification process