153237_logo_Agela Technologies-300dpiStarting from synthesizing silica gel materials, Bonna- Agela is a global company focusing on sample preparation and purification. We provide top-quality products including bulk materials, HPLC columns, and SPE cartridges and plates to scientists worldwide who conduct drug discovery research, food and environmental testing, forensic and clinical research. We also provide customized solutions due to our strong R&D team.




Sample Preparation

Bulk media for SPE (based on silica, polymer,pesticarb sorbent, diatomite sorbent,fiber and nano materials)

SPE Plates/cartridges(volume range from 1~150mL)

SPE automated workstations (single channel and multi channels)

Chemical Purification

Bulk media for flash columns (particle size: 20μm,20~35μm, 40~60μm, 50μm; pore size: 60Å/100Å/120Å/300Å)

Flash columns (4~5000g)

Flash systems (CHEETAH® integrated purification system, FLEXATM modular purification components)

Preparative HPLC columns (particle size: 5~10μm;ID: 10~50 mm)

Preparative LC systems (pressure: 0~200Psi for 100~200mL/min; pressure: 0~20MPa for 50~100mL/min )

Chemical Analysis

Bulk media for HPLC (chemical bonding with C18,C8, C4, C1, NH2, SAX, SCX, Ph, COOH, CN,

HILIC, PFP, Mix Mode; particle size: 1.9 ~10μm;pore size: 90~300Å)

HPLC columns (length from 30~300 mm; ID from 2.1~50mm), customized columns

Analytical HPLC system (pressure: 10~40 MPa;Flow rate: 10mL/min)

  • HPLC Products

    Bonna-Agela HPLC columns cover a broad field of chemistry to meet nowadays challenging needs of rapid HPLC analysis, LC-MS application, separation in extreme pH conditions as well as conventional applications in pharmaceutical, environmental and food industries. Our HPLC columns are manufactured with innovative technologies in both media manufacturing and column packing steps for unique selectivity and unsurpassed reproducibility. Bonna-Agela HPLC columns are classified into Unisol series; Durashell Series; Venusil XBP series; Venusil ASB; Bonshell series; Innoval series; Optimix series…

  • SPE Products

    Solid phase extraction (SPE) is one of the most used techniques in sample preparation. It is replacing the conventional time-consuming liquid-liquid extraction (LLE) method. The process of SPE is a miniature version of liquid column chromatography. SPE, utilizing the same type of stationary phases as used in liquid chromatography columns, are practiced in different mechanisms including normal phase, reversed phase, ion-exchange, affinity chromatography and mixed-mode in the fields of agricultural and food, bio-analytical, environmental and forensic applications. Bonna-Agela as a leader of chromatographic media products offers a variety of polymer and silica based SPE products.

  • Purification Products

    ● Normal-phase materials, such as regular silica, deactivated silica and NH2 etc. ● Reversed-phase materials, such as C4、C8、C18 etc. ● HILIC hydrophilic material ● Aluminum( neutral/ acid/ basic) ● Ion exchange resin

  • GC Columns

    GC Columns And Accessories。