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Particle Size Analytical Instruments

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Particle Size Analytical Instruments

When Particle Size is Important

The newly added NanoBrook series now includes backscattering at 173° in addition to the traditional 90° used in dynamic light scattering (DLS).

Zeta Potential Analytical Instruments

When Zeta Potential is Important

Almost all particulate or macroscopic materials in contact with a liquid acquire an electronic charge on their surfaces. Zeta potential is an important and useful indicator of this charge which can be used to predict and control the stability of colloidal suspensions or emulsions.

Molecular Weight Analytical Instruments

When Molecular Weight is Important

Molecular weight and size are two key properties of all macromolecules including biologically important and synthetic polymers. Performance and processability are directly related to these parameters.

Chromatography Analytical Instruments

When Chromatography is Important

Detailed size or molar mass distribution information is useful in many areas such as investigating protein aggregation and understanding (or predicting) polymer properties.

Laser Light Scattering Analytical Instruments

When Light Scattering is Important

Light Scattering occurs when polarizable particles in a sample are bathed in the oscillating electric field of a beam of light. The varying field induces oscillating dipoles in the particles and these dipoles radiate light in all directions.

Analytical Instrument Software

When Software is Important

Integrated DLS, ELS, PALS software for particle characterization. Single, filterable database. Excel, PDF, CSV exportable reports.