The Rainbow™ fiber optic UV monitoring system utilizes patented in situ technology and comprehensive data analysis software for testing in the most complex dissolution environment. Get more information about your dissolution test with rugged and reliable in situ technology. Whether Formulations, Method Development, or Quality Control, the Pion Rainbow™ is the fiber optic solution to meet your need.


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µDISS Profiler™

The µDISS Profiler is a system powered by Rainbow™ fiber optics which utilizes a small volume dissolution system called the MiniBath. Test up to eight drug substances in parallel using AuPro software to control stirring and for the ultimate in spectroscopic data refinement. Reduce the amount of API and media needed for your dissolution test all while collecting the data density needed to make critical formulation decisions.


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The µFLUX™

The µFLUX is Pion’s latest tool in their line of in situ measurement technology. Combining the data from a dissolution experiment with trans-membrane permeation, the µFLUX system is the perfect tool for making early pharmacokinetic decisions. Whether assessing the effect different formulation vehicles have on FLUX, or assessing pre-clinical performance based on pH or food, Pion’s µFLUX is a convenient and powerful in vitro tool.


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Pion’s PULSE system is a compact and cost effective solution for the determination of pKa, log P/D and potentiometric solubility. Also available with in situ UV detection for low soluble compounds and an eight position autosampler for higher throughput, the PULSE is the perfect solution for all of your ionization and lipophilicity needs. With hardware and software designed and developed within Pion’s own analytical laboratory, the PULSE is sure to provide your lab with a robust drug development tool.


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Pion PAMPA, currently available in GIT, BBB and Skin models, is the most scientifically robust commercial model available today. PAMPA (Parallel Artificial Membrane Permeability Assay) is a 96 well-plate based high throughput assay for the determination of a compounds passive permeability. With close to two decades of experience, publications and hands-on experience, Pion not only sells PAMPA, we support PAMPA customers.


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The µSOL is a high-throughput, 96 well-plate format method for determining solubility.  Save money by sparing precious API while confidently measuring solubility for your compounds.  µSOL Evolution™ is a powerful in vitro robotics tool for measuring drug solubility. Leverage Pion’s expertise in solubility measurements by using these high-throughput solutions.


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