Investigator SFC System

The Investigator SFC, an analytical to semi-preparative supercritical fluid chromatography system, combines the power of analytical SFC with the unique ability to isolate and collect less than 1 gram of specific compounds. It includes higher flow rates (up to 15 mL/min), a larger and more flexible oven that accommodates up to 10 analytical columns or 6 preparative columns. With the Alias Autosampler, the Investigator SFC delivers increased capacity and 2X the speed.


  • CO2 pump and solvent pump making up the fluid delivery module with an automated backpressure regulator
  • Analytical-2-Prep Dual Valve Oven with a unique drawer design for easy access
  • Enhanced, easy-to-use SuperChrom Software that allows maximum flexibility for control, method programming, stacked injection capability and full spectra acquisition/data analysis
  • Optional, fully integrated 2998 PDA and/or 2424 ELS detectors
  • Small footprint (92 cm high x 98 cm long x 68 cm wide)