Resolution SFC MS System

The analytical Resolution SFC MS System operates on an easy-to-use platform allowing users familiar with MassLynx Software to quickly move onto SFC chromatography with very basic training. This system is more often used for achiral methods development for library purification and screening of difficult to separate achiral samples in chemistry labs.

The analytical Resolution SFC MS System utilizes high-pressure CO2 as the primary mobile phase, resulting in faster equilibration, lower pressure drops, solvent reduction and lower cost per sample. The process is gentle on the stationary phase, reproducible, and applicable to a wide range of compounds.


  • Fluid Delivery Module (CO2 pump and solvent pump)
  • Alias Autosampler
  • Analytical-2-Prep Column Oven
  • 2998 Photodiode Array Detector
  • 3100 Mass Detector
  • Automated Back Pressure Regulator (ABPR)
  • MassLynx software control