Method Station X5 SFC System

It is essential that the conditions for separation chiral substances are found quickly to enable the scientist to effectively scale-up and begin the purification process. The analytical Method Station X5 SFC System is a step forward in chiral column screening. The X5 gives the chromatographer:

  • Five times more power than a sequential column screening system
  • Increased productivity in medicinal chemistry and purification labs
  • Ability to separate a substance on five different columns simultaneously
  • Improved laboratory efficiency with increased sample throughput
  • Faster scale-up to prep a larger sample

The standard Method Station X5 SFC System consists of the same primary components of an analytical SFC solution, including a Fluid Delivery Module (CO2 pump and solvent pump), Autosampler, 10-column Analytical-2-Prep Oven, and Automated Back Pressure Regulator (ABPR). It also uses four 2489 UV-Vis detectors and one 2998 PDA detector.

The unique features and capabilities of the X5 are in the sophisticated valve and detector technologies. The mobile phase with sample splits into 5 parts, goes through 5 different columns, 5 different detectors and finally back through the backpressure regulator as one again.